built-in predicate



category_property(Category, Property)

Enumerates, by backtracking, the properties associated with the defined categories. The valid properties are listed in the language grammar section on entity properties and described in the User Manual section on category properties.

Modes and number of proofs

category_property(?category_identifier, ?category_property) - zero_or_more


Category is neither a variable nor a valid category identifier:
type_error(category_identifier, Category)

Property is neither a variable nor a callable term:
type_error(callable, Property)
Property is a callable term but not a valid category property:
domain_error(category_property, Property)


% enumerate the properties of the core_messages built-in category:
| ?- category_property(core_messages, Property).

Property = source_data ;
Property = static ;
Property = built_in ;