built-in predicate



imports_category(Object, Category)

imports_category(Object, Category, Scope)

Enumerates, by backtracking, importation relations between objects and categories. The relation scope is represented by the atoms public, protected, and private.

Modes and number of proofs

imports_category(?object_identifier, ?category_identifier) - zero_or_more
imports_category(?object_identifier, ?category_identifier, ?scope) - zero_or_more


Object is neither a variable nor a valid object identifier:
type_error(object_identifier, Object)
Category is neither a variable nor a valid category identifier:
type_error(category_identifier, Category)
Scope is neither a variable nor an atom:
type_error(atom, Scope)
Scope is an atom but an invalid entity scope:
domain_error(scope, Scope)


% check that the xref_diagram object imports the diagram category:
| ?- imports_category(xref_diagram, diagram).

% enumerate the objects that privately import the diagram category:
| ?- imports_category(Object, diagram, private).