This library supports implementations optimized compilation of meta-calls for the predicates defined in the meta library.

API documentation

Open the ../../docs/library_index.html#meta-compiler link in a web browser.


To load the main entities in this library, load the loader.lgt file:

| ?- logtalk_load(meta_compiler(loader)).


To test this library predicates, load the tester.lgt file:

| ?- logtalk_load(meta_compiler(tester)).


If meta_compiler is the only hook object you are using, you can set it as the default hook object (but note that the optimizations are only applied to entities compiled with the optimize flag turned on):

| ?- set_logtalk_flag(hook, meta_compiler).

Otherwise, use the hook(meta_compiler) and optimize(on) complier options when compiling and loading the code that you want to optimize. For example:

| ?- logtalk_load(my_source_file, [hook(meta_compiler), optimize(on)]).

See also the metapredicates_compiled example and unit tests.