built-in predicate



set_logtalk_flag(Flag, Value)

Sets global, default, flag values. For local flag scope, use the corresponding set_logtalk_flag/2 directive. To set a global flag value when compiling and loading a source file, wrap the calls to this built-in predicate with an initialization/1 directive. For a description of the predefined compiler flags, please see the Compiler flags section in the User Manual.

Modes and number of proofs

set_logtalk_flag(+atom, +nonvar) - one


Flag is a variable:
Value is a variable:
Flag is neither a variable nor an atom:
type_error(atom, Flag)
Flag is an atom but an invalid flag:
domain_error(flag, Flag)
Value is not a valid value for flag Flag:
domain_error(flag_value, Flag + Value)
Flag is a read-only flag:
permission_error(modify, flag, Flag)


% turn off globally and by default the compiler
% unknown entities warnings:
| ?- set_logtalk_flag(unknown_entities, silent).