set_logtalk_flag(Flag, Value)

Sets local flag values. The scope of this directive is the entity or the source file containing it. For global scope, use the corresponding set_logtalk_flag/2 built-in predicate called from an initialization/1 directive. For a description of the predefined compiler flags, consult the Compiler flags section in the User Manual. The directive affects the compilation of all terms that follow it within scope of the directive.

Template and modes

set_logtalk_flag(+atom, +nonvar)


Flag is a variable:
Value is a variable:
Flag is not an atom:
type_error(atom, Flag)
Flag is neither a variable nor a valid flag:
domain_error(flag, Flag)
Value is not a valid value for flag Flag:
domain_error(flag_value, Flag + Value)
Flag is a read-only flag:
permission_error(modify, flag, Flag)


% turn off the compiler unknown entity warnings
% during the compilation of this source file:
:- set_logtalk_flag(unknown_entities, silent).

:- object(...).

    % generate events for messages sent from this object:
    :- set_logtalk_flag(events, allow).

    % turn off suspicious call lint checks for the next predicate:
    :- set_logtalk_flag(suspicious_calls, silent).
    foo :-
    :- set_logtalk_flag(suspicious_calls, warning).