The following developer tools are available, each one with its own loader.lgt loader file (except for the built-in linter and make tools, which are integrated with the compiler/runtime) and NOTES.md documentation files:

  • asdf

  • assertions

  • code_metrics

  • dead_code_scanner

  • debug_messages

  • debugger

  • diagrams

  • doclet

  • help

  • issue_creator

  • lgtdoc

  • lgtunit

  • linter

  • make

  • packs

  • ports_profiler

  • profiler

  • tutor

  • wrapper

Loading the developer tools

To load the main developer tools, use the following goal:

| ?- logtalk_load(tools(loader)).

The ports_profiler tool is not loaded by default, however, as it conflicts with the debugger tool as both provide a debug handler that must be unique in a running session.

The profiler tool is also not loaded by default as it provides integration with selected backend Prolog compiler profilers that are not portable.

The tutor tool is also not loaded by default given its useful mainly for new users that need help understanding compiler warning and error messages.

The wrapper tool is also not loaded by default given its specialized purpose and beta status.

To load a specific tool, either change your Prolog working directory to the tool folder and then compile and load the corresponding loader utility file or simply use library notation as argument for the compiling and loading predicates. For example:

| ?- logtalk_load(lgtunit(loader)).

Tools documentation

Specific notes about each tool can be found in the corresponding NOTES.md files. HTML documentation for each tool API can be found on the docs directory (open the ../docs/index.html file with your web browser). The documentation for these tools can be regenerated using the shell scripts ../scripts/update_html_docs.sh and ../scripts/update_svg_diagrams.sh.