This tool provides basic on-line help for Logtalk when running in a limited set of operating-systems.

API documentation

This tool API documentation is available at:


For sample queries, please see the SCRIPT.txt file in the tool directory.


| ?- logtalk_load(help(loader)).


To test this tool, load the tester.lgt file:

| ?- logtalk_load(help(tester)).

Supported operating-systems

Currently, support is limited to Linux, macOS, and Windows.

On Windows, the start command must be available. On Linux, the xdg-open command must be available. On macOS, the command open is used.

This tool relies on the library portable operating-system access abstraction.

Known issues

On macOS, the open command used to open documentation URLs drops the anchors, thus preventing navigating to the specified position on the documentation page.

ECLiPSe defines a help prefix operator that forces wrapping this atom between parenthesis when sending messages to the tool. E.g. use (help)::help instead of help::help.