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Research projects

Logtalk started as academic research on programming languages in general and on programming in the large in particular. Nowadays, Logtalk continues to be an active research topic, the subject of regular scientific publications, and is used in research projects at several universities, often as an implementation language in the context of PhD work.

A part of the revenue generated by the commercial services advertised in this site is invested back in Logtalk development. We strive for continuous improvement on all aspects of Logtalk and its ecosystem. We follow up closely advances in logic programming research that can be seamlessly integrated and can be added value for Logtalk users and customers.

We are always open to cooperation with research institutions. We see joint projects as win-win situations, which help us focus development by providing important feedback on the Logtalk language, its libraries, and its development tools. We are happy to provide consulting services, including co-advising students, and help implement required functionality under the assumption that any improvements to Logtalk libraries and tools will be publicly shared under the same open source license used by Logtalk itself.

Professional services

We provide a full range of Logtalk and Prolog professional services.

Logtalk support and maintenance contracts

We provide a range of support contracts for commercial users.

Development of Logtalk and Prolog applications

Looking for experts able to convert your applications specs into high quality code? We provide coding services and deliver clean, optimized, documented, and tested source code.

Porting and refactoring of Prolog applications

Trouble maintaining a legacy Prolog application? We have extensive experience in porting and refactoring of Prolog applications and can help you migrate to a modern Prolog system, optionally converting it to a Logtalk application. Logtalk itself is a good example of non-trivial but highly portable code that supports most modern Prolog systems as a backend compiler.

Consulting on logic programming solutions

Wondering if a logic programming solution is the best choice for your application or service? We can share our experience and lessons learned writing and using logic programming solutions in both academic and industrial projects, show where declarative solutions can provide a competitive edge and simplify your code base, help you select a suitable Prolog system to use by itself or as a Logtalk backend compiler. We can implement or help implement logic programming solutions and work closely with you towards successful deliverables.

Source code review services

Need expert and independent advice on your Logtalk or Prolog applications? Want to improve the quality of your code and documentation? We provide source code review services that help identifying documentation shortcomings and mismatches, hidden bugs, performance pitfalls, portability gotchas, and coding guidelines issues. Code reviews can be performed offline or live with the developers.

Independent testing services

We provide independent testing services of client logic programming applications written in Logtalk and supported Prolog systems. We can write test suites based on client specifications and help setup automated testing using continuous integration servers. We can also develop solutions to automate generating testing data.

Training services

We provide training services on Logtalk and Prolog programming, backed up by years of experience teaching these languages. These services can be provided on the client premises or remotely.

Mailing list

You may subscribe the Logtalk News (announcements-only) mailing list using this form. This is a low volume mailing list, used for Logtalk announcements such as new releases, important bug fixes, and other Logtalk-related events.

Bug reports

Please visit the the official git repo at GitHub and open a ticket in the issue tracker describing the problem found.


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