Releasing new stable versions

The resources for releasing a new stable version are included in the distribution:

See the file in the directory for details. The main release script is:

This script performs a git clone and builds the sources archive, the manuals archive, the SWI-Prolog pack, and all the installers with the exception of the Windows installer.

To build the Windows .exe installer requires a PC or a virtual machine running Windows 7 or later and using the Inno Setup script that is also included with the distribution:

Build the Windows .exe installer first before running the script and copy the installer to the script directory.

The installers should be built and checked before tagging the stable release in case some installer issue is found.

The HTML and SVG versions of the Handbook and the API documentation are usually kept up-to-date using the scripts:

The HTML version requires Sphinx with the Read the Docs theme installed. Before running the scripts, the version data in the files must be updated.

After tagging the stable release (and pushing the tag to GitHub), the stable release Docker images are generated using the script at:

After uploading the generated archives, to update the SWI-Prolog pack, start swipl and use the following queries (replace XY.Z with the version numbers):

?- pack_remove(logtalk).    % if installed
?- pack_install('').