built-in method



type_error(Type, Culprit)

Throws a type error. Used when the type of an argument is incorrect. For example, trying to use a non-callable term as a message. This built-in method is declared private and thus cannot be used as a message to an object. Calling this predicate is equivalent to the following sequence of goals:

throw(error(type_error(Type,Culprit), Context)).

This allows the user to generate errors in the same format used by the runtime.

Possible values for Type include all the types defined by the type library object and by other libraries such as os, expecteds, and optionals. The value of Culprit is the argument or one of its sub-terms that caused the error.

Modes and number of proofs

type_error(@nonvar, @term) - error


When called:
type_error(Type, Culprit)


\+ atom(Name),
type_error(atom, Name).