built-in method



question_hook(Question, Kind, Component, Tokens, Check, Answer)

User-defined hook method for intercepting asking a question, declared in the logtalk built-in object as a public, multifile, and dynamic predicate. This hook method is automatically called by the ask_question/5 method. When the call succeeds, the ask_question/5 method assumes that the question have been successfully asked and replied.

Modes and number of proofs

question_hook(+nonvar, +nonvar, +nonvar, +list(nonvar), +callable, -term) - zero_or_one

Meta-predicate template

question_hook(*, *, *, *, 1, *)




:- multifile(logtalk::question_hook/6).
:- dynamic(logtalk::question_hook/6).

% use a pre-defined answer instead of asking the user
logtalk::question_hook(upper_limit, question, my_app, _, _, 3.7).