PDDL 3.0 parser
Release 1.0

Copyright (c) 2011 Robert Sasak. All Rights Reserved. This is free software. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the “Artistic License 2.0” as published by The Perl Foundation. Consult the “LICENSE.txt” file for details.

This PDDL 3.0 file parser converts PDDL files to Logtalk/Prolog friendly syntax. For example:

PDDL         Prolog
(on ?x ?y)   on(?x, ?y)

Syntax sugar: op(200, fy, ?).

For whole example check the “pddl.lgt” file for usage and example output.

API documentation

Open the ../../docs/library_index.html#pddl_parser link in a web browser.


To load all entities in this library, load the loader.lgt file:

?- logtalk_load(pddl_parser(loader)).


The provided unit tests are based on a collection of problem set files from International Planning Competition 2008. In order to run all unit tests from the parser’s directory type:

?- logtalk_load(tester).

Or from any directory by typing:

?- logtalk_load(pddl_parser(tester)).

Some of the unit tests fail in some Prolog compilers due to limitations to the maximum arity of a term.