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Logtalk runs on any operating-system with a standards compliant modern Prolog compiler. The interface between Logtalk and a specific back-end Prolog compiler is accomplished using a small adapter file. The Logtalk distribution includes adapter files for all supported Prolog compilers. For optimal performance, Logtalk requires that the Prolog compiler supports first-argument indexing for both static and dynamic code.

Logtalk runs with no modifications with the following back-end Prolog compilers (in alphabetical order):

Logtalk development and testing is currently performed by rotating between the above back-end Prolog compilers. However, as you may understand, it is impossible for me to test every Logtalk update against each and every one of these compatible Prolog compilers on every supported operating-system. Please report any problem that you might find.

Legacy Logtalk versions (2.x) provide support for some other Prolog compilers, which are no longer supported due to lack of compliance with official and de facto standards.