Switching between Logtalk installed versions

Recent Logtalk releases include a shell script, logtalk_select, which allows easy switching between installed Logtalk versions. It’s an experimental script, loosely based on the python_select script, with two major limitations: it doesn’t update the Logtalk user folder and it’s POSIX-only. Nevertheless, it’s useful whenever you want to test your application with a new Logtalk release. Usage is quite simple. In order to list all installed versions type:

$ logtalk_select -l
Available versions: lgt2372 lgt2373 lgt2374 lgt2375

The current installed version can be checked by typing:

$ logtalk_select -s
Current version: lgt2375

In order to switch to another installed version type:

$ sudo logtalk_select lgt2374

Using sudo may or may not be needed depending on your Logtalk installation prefix and on the administrative privileges of your user account. Typing the script name without arguments prints a help script:

$ logtalk_select
This script allows switching between installed Logtalk versions

logtalk_select [-vlsh] version

Optional arguments:
-v print version of logtalk_select
-l list available versions
-s show the currently selected version
-h help

If you’re a shell scripting wizard and able to improve the logtalk_select script, please mail me. As always, feedback and contributions are most welcome.