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Open source object-oriented logic programming language

Logtalk is an object-oriented logic programming language that extends and leverages the Prolog language with a feature set suitable for programming in the large. Logtalk supports modern code encapsulation and code reuse mechanisms without compromising the declarative programming features of Prolog. Logtalk is implemented in highly portable code and can use most modern and standards compliant Prolog implementations as a back-end compiler. As a multi-paradigm language, it includes support for modules, prototypes, classes, protocols (interfaces), categories (components and hot patching), event-driven programming, and high-level multi-threading programming. Its distribution uses a commercial friendly license and includes full documentation, portable libraries, a comprehensive set of portable developer tools, and a large number of programming examples to help get you started.

Starting points:

Find the latest news about Logtalk (last updated on May 16)
Summary of Logtalk main features
List of compatible back-end Prolog compilers
Publications, library, examples, manuals, license, FAQ, release notes, contributors, and more
Download the latest release of Logtalk (3.5.0) and the User and Reference manuals
Developer resources (git repository, issue tracker, wiki, and more)
Support & feedback
Sign the Logtalk mailing list, register, get support, give feedback, or leave your suggestions
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