Logtalk reference manual
Predicate directive: alias/3



alias(Entity, Predicate, Alias)
alias(Entity, NonTerminal, Alias)

Declares predicate and grammar rule non-terminal aliases. A predicate (non-terminal) alias is an alternative name for a predicate (non-terminal) declared or defined in an extended protocol, an implemented protocol, an extended category, an imported category, an extended prototype, an instantiated class, or a specialized class. Predicate aliases may be used to solve conflicts between imported or inherited predicates. This directive may be used in objects, protocols, and categories.

Template and modes

alias(@entity_identifier, +predicate_indicator, +predicate_indicator)
alias(@entity_identifier, +non_terminal_indicator, +non_terminal_indicator)


:- alias(list, member/2, list_member/2).
:- alias(set, member/2, set_member/2).

:- alias(words, singular//0, peculiar//0).