logtalk_tester - Logtalk script for automating running unit tests


logtalk_tester -v
logtalk_tester [-p prolog ] [-m mode ] [-f format ] [-d results ] [-t timeout ] [-s prefix ] [-c report ] [-l level ] [-g goal ] [-- arguments ]
logtalk_tester -h


logtalk_tester is a script for automating running Logtalk unit tests. This script runs unit tests found on the current directory and recursively in its sub-directories by scanning for tester.lgt and tester.logtalk source files. The script returns a non-zero exit status in case of failed tests or test set errors. When a file exists in the current directory, the file is sourced before running the tests. The file is sourced with all the parameters passed to the logtalk_tester script.


-v Print script version.

-p Backend Prolog compiler. Default is SWI-Prolog. The following identifiers are used: B-Prolog - b, CxProlog - cx, ECLiPSe - eclipse, GNU Prolog - gnu, JIProlog - ji, Lean Prolog - lean, Qu-Prolog - qp, SICStus Prolog - sicstus, SWI-Prolog - swi, SWI-Prolog with Logtalk pack - swipack, XSB - xsb, XSB-MT - xsbmt, YAP - yap.

-m Compilation mode. Default is normal. Valid values are optimal, normal, debug, and all.

-f Format for writing the test results. Default is default. Valid values are default, tap, and xunit.

-d Directory to store the test results. Default is the local ./logtalk_tester_logs directory.

-t Timeout in seconds for running each test set. Default is 0; i.e. disabled.

-s Path prefix to suppress when printing test suite and test result paths. Default is the user home directory.

-c Code coverage report. Default is none. Valid values are xml and none.

-l Directory depth level to look for test sets. Level 1 means current directory only. Default is to recurse into all sub-directories.

-g Initialization goal. Default is true.

-- Arguments to be passed to the integration script used to run the tests (no default).

-h Provide help on script usage.


0 All non-skipped tests pass and there are no broken, timed out, or crashed test sets.

1 Some tests fail but there are no broken, timed out, or crashed test sets.

3 One or more test sets timed out while executing but there are no broken or crashed test sets.

5 One or more test sets are broken and thus could not be executed but there are no crashed test sets.

7 One or more test sets crashed the process running them.

9 The sourced file returned a non-zero code.


LOGTALKHOME Specifies the location of the Logtalk installation.

LOGTALKUSER Specifies the location of the Logtalk user directory.


$LOGTALKUSER/library/tester_versions.lgt Logtalk source file used for printing the Logtalk and backend Prolog compiler versions.


The Logtalk website at

The Logtalk User and Reference Manuals at $LOGTALKHOME/manuals/index.html


Paulo Moura <>


Copyright (c) 1998-2020 Paulo Moura.

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