logtalk_allure_report - Logtalk script for generating Allure reports


logtalk_allure_report -v
logtalk_allure_report [-d tests] [-i results] [-o report] [-t title] [-p] [-s] [-- environment pairs]
logtalk_allure_report -h


logtalk_allure_report is a script for generating Allure reports (version 2.24.0 or later). Requires running first the logtalk_tester script using the -f xunit (or -f xunit_net_v2) command-line option.


-v Print script version.

-d The directory containing the tests (i.e. the directory where the logtalk_tester script was run; default is the current directory).

-i Directory where to collect the test results (i.e. the xUnit reports) for generating the report (default is ./allure-results).

-o Directory where the report is to be saved (default is ./allure-report). If the directory already exists and contains a previous report, its contents are deleted before generating the new report. If the directory exists, is not empty, and does not appear to contain a previous report, the script execution is terminated to prevent data loss.

-t Report title (default is "Allure Report"; this option is ignored when using the -p option).

-p Preprocess results but do not generate report. Useful when the actual generation of the report is delegated to e.g. a Docker service or a Jenkins plug-in.

-s Generate a single file report.

-- Environment pairs (key1=value1 key2=value2 ...). Used to generate an for adding additional information to the generated report.

-h Provide help on script usage.

Exit status

0 Allure report successfully created.

1 Either the results directory does not exist or the report directory exists but it is not empty and does not contain a previous report.


Run all tests on the current directory and sub-directories using the GNU Prolog backend (saving the test results in the required xUnit format), generate the Allure report, and open the report for browsing: logtalk_tester -p gnu -f xunit
allure open

Set the title for the report and information on the backend used: logtalk_allure_report -t "My application tests report" -- Backend='GNU Prolog' Commit=f7a106e
allure open

Save the processed test results and the report data to permanent directories so that the report shows tests run trends: logtalk_allure_report -i "$HOME/my_project/allure-results" -o "$HOME/my_project/allure_report"
allure open "$HOME/my_project/allure_report"

Implementation notes

Tested using Allure 2.24.0.

See also

The Allure website at

The Logtalk website at

The Logtalk User and Reference Manuals at $LOGTALKHOME/manuals/index.html


Paulo Moura <>


Copyright (c) 1998-2023 Paulo Moura.

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