lgt2rst - Logtalk script for converting XML documenting files into reStructuredText files, notably for use with Sphinx


lgt2rst [-d directory] [-i index] [-t title] [-p processor] [-s] [-m] [-l mapping]
lgt2rst -h


lgt2rst is a Logtalk script for converting all Logtalk XML documenting files in the current directory into reStructuredText files, notably for use with Sphinx. Assumes UTF-8 encoding.


-d directory Output directory for the reStructuredText files.

-i index Name of the index file.

-t title Title to be used on the index file.

-p processor XSLT processor.

-s Runs sphinx-quickstart script.

-m Runs make html (requires also using the -s option).

-l mapping Name of the Intersphinx mapping for linking library APIs back to library descriptions.

-h Prints a summary of the script options.


Requires a compatible XSLT processor. See the script help screen for more information.

The use of the -s, -m, and -l options require Sphinx, Intersphinx extension, Read the Docs Sphinx theme, and Pygments to be installed.

The use of the -l option requires that the used file defines the mapping. The library description files must have a reStructuredText target in the first line with the name of the library prefixed by library_. See the Intersphinx documentation for details.


LOGTALKHOME Specifies the location of the Logtalk installation.

LOGTALKUSER Specifies the location of the Logtalk user directory.


$LOGTALKHOME/tools/lgtdoc/xml/logtalk_entity.dtd The Logtalk entity DTD file.

$LOGTALKHOME/tools/lgtdoc/xml/logtalk_index.dtd The Logtalk index DTD file.

$LOGTALKUSER/tools/lgtdoc/xml/custom.ent The Logtalk custom entities file.

$LOGTALKHOME/tools/lgtdoc/xml/logtalk_entity.xsd The Logtalk entity XML Schema file.

$LOGTALKHOME/tools/lgtdoc/xml/logtalk_index.xsd The Logtalk index XML Schema file.

$LOGTALKUSER/tools/lgtdoc/xml/logtalk_entity_to_rst.xsl The Logtalk entity XSLT file.

$LOGTALKUSER/tools/lgtdoc/xml/logtalk_index_to_rst.xsl The Logtalk index XSLT file.

$LOGTALKUSER/tools/lgtdoc/xml/conf.py_t The template file.

$LOGTALKUSER/tools/lgtdoc/xml/css/sphinx/custom.css The CSS file used to customize the Sphinx Read the Docs theme.

See also

The Sphinx website at

The Pygments website at

The Read the Docs theme website at

The Logtalk website at

The Logtalk User and Reference Manuals at $LOGTALKHOME/manuals/index.html

logtalk_user_setup(1), lgt2html(1), lgt2xml(1), lgt2pdf(1), lgt2md(1), lgt2txt(1)


Paulo Moura <>


Copyright (c) 1998-2023 Paulo Moura.

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