lgt2pdf - Logtalk script for converting XML documenting files into PDF files


lgt2pdf [-f format] [-d directory] [-p processor]
lgt2pdf -h


lgt2pdf is a Logtalk script for converting all XML documenting files in the current directory into PDF files.


-f format Paper format (either a4 or us).

-d directory Output directory for the generated PDF files.

-p processor XSL-FO processor.

-h Prints a summary of the script options.


Requires a compatible XSL-FO processor: fop (default), fop2, xep, or xinc. The fop2 processor requires generating the XML documenting files using the option xml_spec(xsd) or xml_spec_reference(standalone).


LOGTALKHOME Specifies the location of the Logtalk installation.

LOGTALKUSER Specifies the location of the Logtalk user directory.


$LOGTALKHOME/tools/lgtdoc/xml/logtalk_entity.dtd The Logtalk entity DTD file.

$LOGTALKHOME/tools/lgtdoc/xml/logtalk_index.dtd The Logtalk index DTD file.

$LOGTALKUSER/tools/lgtdoc/xml/custom.ent The Logtalk custom entities file.

$LOGTALKHOME/tools/lgtdoc/xml/logtalk_entity.xsd The Logtalk entity XML Schema file.

$LOGTALKHOME/tools/lgtdoc/xml/logtalk_index.xsd The Logtalk index XML Schema file.

$LOGTALKUSER/tools/lgtdoc/xml/lgtpdfa4.xsl The default XSLT file for generating PDF A4 files.

$LOGTALKUSER/tools/lgtdoc/xml/logtalk_entity_to_pdf.xsl The Logtalk entity XSLT file.

$LOGTALKUSER/tools/lgtdoc/xml/logtalk_index_to_pdf.xsl The Logtalk index XSLT file.

See also

The Logtalk website at

The Logtalk User and Reference Manuals at $LOGTALKHOME/manuals/index.html

logtalk_user_setup(1), lgt2html(1), lgt2xml(1), lgt2md(1), lgt2txt(1)


Paulo Moura <>


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